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(+91) 9927022020 0562 285 6515
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NETRA JYOTI KENDRA AGRA is a pioneering, super Specialty eye care center, committed to protection and preservation of the treasured gift of sight. Our reputed team of eye doctors under leadership of Dr. PRADEEP SANE,DR. KAUSTUBH SANE and DR.SMITA SANE are super specialized in complete sympathetic eye care .

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Netra Jyoti kendra, Agra

Our Vision
We aim to be pioneering center of excellence in eye care services through continuous up gradation of technology, bringing countries best eye care professionals under one roof and spreading knowledge through education and training.

Our Mission
To provide comprehensive eye care of highest international standards under one roof, to all section of society by a dedicated team of highly competent, skilled and committed professionals, maintain highest level of safety and ethical approach in a patient centric environment.

Our Doctor

Dr. Pradeep Sane
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Dr. Smita Sane
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Advanced LASIK vision correction

Robotic Blade Free Cataract Removal

Paediatric Opthalmology & Squint
Specialists in Squint and Lazy Eye Syndrome

Oculoplasty & Ocular Oncology
Don't Let Your Eyes Reveal Your Age

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Corneal Grafting
Latest in Corneal Grafting Management

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Oculoplasty is reconstructive and cosmetic eye-plastic surgery to correct eye problems like Tumours, a watering eye, a disfigured eye, or a pure cosmetic enhancement. Eye and facial plastic surgery can change your life by enhancing your features.

Eyelids normally have a single row of eyelashes on the upper (average 150 lashes) and lower lids (average 75 lids), pointing outwards away from the eye.

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